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NY Giants SB XXI
NY Giants SB XXV

NY GIANTS Super Bowl Commemorative Series LE Print Set

The artwork created in support of the NY Giants Super Bowl quest served as the legacy of the twelve-year Morales nonlocal no-go experiment. These historic NFL licensed Super Bowl XXI and XXV limited edition prints are embossed with their corresponding Super Bowl logos! The original lithographs are printed in 16 hand pulled colors on 100% acid free rag paper and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each limited edition print is hand signed by Olympic artist, Manuel Morales.

Here's your opportunity to own a limited-edition reproduction of the artwork that served as the template for the Tempt Destiny Experiment which obtained unambiguous empirical evidence of a super-deterministic universe aka destiny. See the Method of Everything manuscript for details of how the artwork contributed to the discovery of Albert Einstein’s nonlocal hidden variables.

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Official US Olympic Team Artist

Official Olympic 1992 Team USA Signed Limited Edition Prints

1992 TEAM USA and the coaching staff hand signed 140 limited edition prints and 20 artist proofs of the official USOC licensed limited edition baseball prints. You will probably recognize some of the TEAM USA players (see below) who went on to play in Major League Baseball. The artwork was also sold as posters in support of the 1996 Olympic Games.

Each print comes stamped with an official gold USA Olympic logo. The 22 x 28 lithographs original edition size consisted of 550 prints and 85 artist proofs and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. However, in 1993 the publisher's remaining inventory was destroyed in the Mississippi River floods that year. Less than half of the edition is known to exist making these prints even more valuable today.

ONLY 10 prints are being made available by the artist, Manuel Morales, on a first come basis, so don't delay! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Team USA Olympic Baseball limited edition prints

Team USA 1992 Signatures

Team USA Players

#25 - Willie Adams
#35 - Jeff Alkire
#15 - Brian Anderson
#17 - Tim Davis
#37 - Darren Dreifort
# 5 - Normar Garciaparra
#40 - Jeff Granger
#32 - Rick Greene
#12 - Jeffrey Hammonds
#34 - Rick Helling
#42 - Charles Johnson
#38 - Chad McConnell
#41 - Ryan McGuire

Team USA Players

#22 - Jason Moler
# 7 - Calvin Murray
#23 - Phil Nevin
#10 - Sid Roberson
#31 - Chris Roberts
# 9 - Steve Rodriguez
#19 - Michael Tucker
#27 - Mark Valdes
#30 - Jason Varitek
#20 - B.J. Wallace
#11 - Craig Wilson
# 8 - Chris Wimmer

Coaching Staff

#43 - Ron Fraser
#18 - Brad Kelly
#39 - Dave Snow
#16 - Jerry Weinstein
#14 - Mike Eason
#13 - Don Sneddon

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