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Tempt Destiny Direct Selection* BillboardSB XLII (SB XXI, SB XXV billboards were created prior to the experiment)
Tempt Destiny Indirect Selection** Billboards – (SB XLIV, SB XLV, SB XLVI)

  • *Direct Selection - the team with the most votes (motion event = x) also winning its conference championship game to compete in the SB (singular potential = y) determined the direct selection event – (x, y) = z..
  • **Indirect Selection - Beginning with the 2009 season, if the direct selection did not take place, then an indirect selection event – (x, -y) = -z – would be determined if one of the two SB bound teams (more-than-one potential = -y) had more votes than the other (motion event = x).

NOTE: Prior to the selection events, the function of selection does not exist as confirmed twelve out of twelve successful no-go attempts. What the findings show is that the phenomenon of direct and indirect selection are first-order functions of motion, as such, can only come-to-exist therefore cannot preexist. In layman terms, this is how the natural world gets effects of existence (something that exist) from motion (the absence of existence), i.e., something from nothing.

giants tempt destiny

6th Tempt Destiny Billboard - NY GIANTS Respectfully Decline Billboard Gift
January 23, 2012: The NY Giants organization had respectfully declined the Tempt Destiny billboard gift (indirect selection) that they had previously agreed to accept should the need arise. Since the Giants organization has decline this gift of support from their fans, we did not create a Tempt Destiny billboard for the 2011 season. This event prompted the end of the twelve-year experiment.

Saints Tempt Destiny billboard

5th Tempt Destiny Billboard - 1st SB Loss
On January 23, 2011, the Steelers Tempt Destiny billboard went on display on the LAMAR Outdoor digital billboard located right by the Pittsburgh Steelers Heinz Field stadium.

We like to thank our sponsors LAMAR Outdoor for providing their services in support of this history making event.

Lamar web cam
(Webcam photo 1-27-11, at 501 Fontella St, Pittsburgh, PA)

Slogan Change
The 5th Tempt Destiny billboard was offered to the Steelers with the slogan, "Steelers Tempt Destiny!", which was rejected. They were not comfortable with the phrase "tempt" and so chose not to tempt destiny. In order to accept this gift, the slogan was changed to "Go Steelers!".

Saints Tempt Destiny billboard

4th Tempt Destiny Billboard - 4th SB Victory
On February 2, 2010, the Saints Tempt Destiny billboard went on display on LAMAR Outdoor digital billboard locations throughout the greater New Orleans area prior to their team's SB XVIV victory on February 7, 2010.

We like to thank the Saints organization for accepting this gift of support from their fans. We also like to thank our sponsors LAMAR Outdoor and Crystal Clear Imaging for providing their services in support of this history making event.

We did dat!
(Webcam photo 2-9-2010, University Ave./N. Morrison FW, Hammond, LA)

  • First time that a Tempt Destiny billboard was displayed digitally which enable us to updated the billboard to congratulate the Saints for their SB victory.
  • First time the artwork was displayed completed with a silver football to show the trophy won.
  • First Tempt Destiny Billboard of Chance (see press release).
  • First time a Tempt Destiny billboard was not done for the NY Giants.


3rd Tempt Destiny Billboard - 3rd SB Victory
After eighteen years since the 2nd Tempt Destiny billboard (August, 1990), the 3rd Tempt Destiny billboard was finally created and displayed on January 30, 2008, at the Clear Channel Outdoor location near exit 16W of the NJ Turnpike at the Meadowlands complex prior to the NY Giants SB XLII victory.

We'd like to thank the sponsors of the 3rd Tempt Destiny billboard Clear Channel Outdoor and Mammoth Media for their support. In addition, we'd like to thank the NY Giants organization for their assistance and approval of the all 3 Tempt Destiny billboards.

See Star-Ledger article: Super Bowl Salutations: Giants fans give team a billboard

News 12 New Jersey did an interview with artist Manuel Morales and Giants fans about their role in the "GIANTS Tempt Destiny" billboard which aired on February 2, 2008. This story prophesied the outcome of SB XLII the day before the game! Get your copy of this historic interview just download the News12 Dub Request Form and send it in TODAY! TELL-A-FRIEND!


Did You Know? - that the 3rd Tempt Destiny billboard almost featured the Eagles instead?

Eagles Tempt Destiny

For the 2004 season, the Vikings fans won the Tempt Destiny billboard rights. The billboard signage sponsor at the time was an avid Eagles fan who agreed to sponsor the Vikings Tempt Destiny billboard signage on one condition - that should the Vikings lose in the playoffs then the 3rd Tempt Destiny billboard would go to the Eagles. After the Vikings playoff loss, the billboard gift was then offered to the Eagles, but not accepted. This was the season that the Eagles went to Super Bowl XXXIX.


1st Tempt Destiny Billboard - 1st SB Victory
The 1st Tempt Destiny™ billboard was displayed in January of 1987, on Rt. 3 before the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel 10 days prior to the NY Giants SB XXI victory.

2nd Tempt Destiny Billboard - 2nd SB Victory
The 2nd Tempt Destiny™ billboard was displayed at five different locations in New Jersey from August, 1990 - February, 1991. During the playoffs, the message was changed to "GO GIANTS" prior to their SB XXV victory.

Note of Interest:
A feature article dated November 12, 1990, in the GIANTS EXTRA publication, autographed by Bill Parcells, talks about the possibility of "Another Lucky Sign". What was then wishful thinking, later became reality.

Own the Legacy While You Still Can

A Gift Turned Away
After the second NY Giants billboard, I approached the NY Giants organization to see if they would like for me to create a third billboard for their team in the future. Their response was a "thanks, but no thanks". This correspondence set the stage for me to hand over the destiny of the 3rd billboard over to the fans themselves. As the saying goes - a gift turned away goes to the one that wants it.

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