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From 2000 to 2012, fans of all 32 NFL teams were invited to vote for their favorite team to be featured on the next Tempt Destiny billboard. All votes counted regardless if the team made it to the playoffs or not. Should the team with the most votes at the conclusion of the regular season not make it to the playoffs their votes will still need to be beaten by the fans of the playoff teams in order to win.

After ten years of requiring the team with the most votes to also win its conference championship game in order to be on the next Tempt Destiny Billboard of Choice, a fundamental change was made.

Beginning with SB XLIV, should the team who received the most overall votes not win its conference championship game, then we would offer to do the Tempt Destiny Billboard of Chance for the team going to the SB which chances to have the most votes between the two teams. This change provides the opportunity to create a Tempt Destiny billboard each year.

Tempt Destiny Billboard Track Records

Tempt Destiny Billboard of Choice (direct choice) – 3W (SB XXI, SB XXV, SB XLII)
Tempt Destiny Billboard of Chance (indirect choice) – 2W - 1L (SB XLIV, SB XLV, SB XLVI*)

*Although a selection was made, no billboard was created (read more)

What was this about?Jet tempt destiny . com

The Tempt Destiny billboard competition was an experiment about how choice predetermines the certainty or probability of the event that follows, i.e., destiny. The tradition is, after the team depicted on the billboard wins the SB (cause) can the billboard painting be completed by having the football painted silver (effect) to represent the trophy won. The premiss is twofold. When a direct selection is made, the completion of the artwork is certain (artwork on the left side). When an indirect selection is made, the completion of the artwork is probable (artwork on the right side).

Two types of selections to win this:

1. Billboard of Choice (direct selection) - The fans that cast the most votes prior to the conference championship games, directly wins the billboard IF, and only if, that team also makes it to the SB (1024-1 odds).

2. Billboard of Chance (indirect selection) - If option one does not take place, then the SB bound team that happens by chance to have the most votes indirectly wins the billboard (2-1 odds).

NOTE: On a personal note, to my fellow Giants fans who's team will no longer accept their gift of support, my condolences. It seams appropriate that what began with the Giants should also end with the Giants' final decision. With conclusive evidence of predetermined events obtained, the Tempt Destiny experiment has officially drawn to a close.

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