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Destiny Déjà Vu
ootball Billboard Legacy to Tempt Destiny for One More Victory

November 5, 2007 - Ever since the 2000 football season, fans have been voting online for their team to be featured on the third Tempt Destiny billboard by Olympic artist, Manuel Morales. History has shown that each time this billboard gift was created in support of the NY Giants Super Bowl quest they later went on to win the Super Bowl. This 2-for-2 winning billboard legacy was documented and licensed by the NFL in 1991 as the “NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series” limited edition prints. History has also shown that when this gift of support was absent during the NY Giants third Super Bowl bid (SB XXXV) on January 28, 2001, they lost. Inspired by the winning billboard legacy, the program seeks to match the fans who have cast the most votes to their team's playoff bid in hopes to "tempt destiny" for another SB victory.

“After the NY Giants Super Bowl XXV victory, I sought their approval to do a third billboard for them sometime in the future,” commented Manuel Morales, creator of the NY Giants billboard artwork. “For the first time they turned down the billboard, first in 1991, and then once again in 1999. Since the NY Giants expressed no interest in this 3rd gift of support, I then left it up to the fans themselves to determine which team should be on the billboard by having them vote for their team and in so doing, “tempt destiny” in hopes of one more victory.”

Phase I - Fan Competition:
During the 2007 regular season, Vikings fans cast the most votes at Unfortunately their team did not make it to the payoffs which prevents them from being featured on the Tempt Destiny billboard for the "Big Game" in February, 2008. However, the Vikings fans have set the bar for how many votes it will take to win this competition by 12 noon January 20, 2008. The playoff team with the most votes above those cast by the Vikings fans (172,453 votes) will win the right to be on the 3rd Tempt Destiny billboard.

Phase II - Conference Championship:
The Tempt Destiny winning playoff team then needs to win their conference championship game.

Phase III - Tempt Destiny Billboard:
When phases I & II coincide, the 3rd Tempt Destiny Billboard will be created and displayed in support of that team's quest to win the "Big Game".

Are the winning and losing billboard records mere happenstance, coincidence, or destiny? If there is such a thing as destiny, will we be witnessing “Destiny Déjà Vu” should the NY Giants return to the Super Bowl with, or without, their billboard legacy? Or will destiny come to serve another team's quest to win the Big Game in this year's billboard competition? The answers are being decided at

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