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Miami Dolphins Fans Rule!

(January 4, 2002): Fans of the Miami Dolphins have determined the outcome of which team holds the rights for the 3rd Tempt Destiny™ billboard for SUPER BOWL XXXVI. Dolphins fans have come from all over the United States to challenge and defeat last year's #1 fans, the Rams fans, to rule as this season's #1 fans to Tempt Destiny™ in support of their team. The intense onslaught of activity generated by the Dolphins fans support cause the server at to crash on serveral occasions. The NFL team with the most votes earns the rights to be featured on the third Manuel Morales Tempt Destiny™ billboard which seeks to extend the winning 2-for-2 billboard record to 3-for-3. Since the Miami Dolphins did not make it to the playoffs for Super Bowl XXXVII, the Tempt Destiny™ billboard rights will be transferred to the winner of next season's competition.

Each time, the artwork of Olympic artist, Manuel Morales, has been featured on a billboard in support of the NY Giants Super Bowl quest (Super Bowl XXI and XXV), they went on to win the Super Bowl, a 2-for-2 winning record documented and licensed by the NFL as the "NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series". Combine this history with the fact that for the first time, the New York Giants went to the Super Bowl (and lost) without their billboard legacy in place due to the Rams fans winning the 2000 season's billboard rights for Super Bowl XXXV, and you have the ingredients of what has been taking place at

The totals of the top 10 teams voted for at are: #1 DOLPHINS - 136,211 votes, #2 RAMS - 111,093 votes, #3 BILLS - 56,372 votes, #4 GIANTS - 24,692 votes, #5 NY JETS - 23.060 votes, #6 EAGLES - 10,564 votes, #7 PACKERS - 7,868 votes, #8 REDSKINS - 6,063 votes, #9 BRONCOS - 4,190 votes, #10 RAVENS - 1,918 votes.

The team that earns the most votes at the conclusion of the NFL season earns the rights to be featured on the 3rd Manuel Morales Tempt Destiny™ billboard. After which, it is up to the team itself to win the corresponding NFC/AFC championship game to go on to the Super Bowl. The 3rd Manuel Morales Tempt Destiny™ billboard will then be created and displayed prior to the big game. The Tempt Destiny™ billboard hopes to repeat for a third time what was done twice before by extending the winning 2-for-2 billboard record to 3-for-3.

Can destiny be tempted by having history repeat itself for a third time, and if so, for which NFL team? The answer is being decided at

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