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Buffalo Bills Are #1 With Canadians

(January 4, 2003): Canadians overwhelming support of the Buffalo Bills has determined the outcome of which team holds the rights for the 3rd Tempt Destiny™ billboard for SUPER BOWL XXXVII. For the first time in three year history of this program, football fans from other than the United States have decided who are this season's #1 fans to Tempt Destiny™ in support of their team. Since July 2002, visitors from Canada have averaged 40% of the votes placed in favor of the Buffalo Bills. The NFL team with the most votes earns the rights to be featured on the third Manuel Morales Tempt Destiny™ billboard which seeks to extend the winning 2-for-2 billboard record to 3-for-3. Since the Buffalo Bills will not make it to the playoffs for Super Bowl XXXVII, the Tempt Destiny™ billboard rights will go to the winner of next season's competition currently under way and concluding in January 3, 2004.

Each time, the artwork of Olympic artist, Manuel Morales, has been featured on a billboard in support of the NY Giants Super Bowl quest (Super Bowl XXI and XXV), they went on to win the Super Bowl, a 2-for-2 winning record documented and licensed by the NFL as the "NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series". Combine this history with the fact that for the first time, the New York Giants went to the Super Bowl (and lost) without their billboard legacy in place due to the Rams fans winning the 2000 season's billboard rights for Super Bowl XXXV, and you have the ingredients of what has been taking place at

Throughout 2002, approximately 2.5 million votes have been placed by fans in support of their favorite NFL team. The totals of the top 10 teams voted for at are: #1 BILLS - 255,206 votes, #2 RAMS - 221,951 votes, #3 GIANTS - 148,801 votes, #4 EAGLES - 127,888 votes, #5 DOLPHINS - 121,041 votes, #6 REDSKINS - 115,519 votes, #7 JETS - 110,200 votes, #8 RAIDERS - 90,801 votes, #9 BEARS - 87,837 votes, #10 CARDINALS - 81,836 votes.

The team that earns the most votes at the conclusion of the NFL season earns the rights to be featured on the 3rd Manuel Morales Tempt Destiny™ billboard. After which, it is up to the team itself to win the corresponding NFC/AFC championship game to go on to the Super Bowl. The 3rd Manuel Morales Tempt Destiny™ billboard will then be created and displayed prior to the big game. The Tempt Destiny™ billboard hopes to repeat for a third time what was done twice before by extending the winning 2-for-2 billboard record to 3-for-3.

Can destiny be tempted by having history repeat itself for a third time, and if so, for which NFL team? The answer is being decided at

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Clear Channel Outdoor is sponsoring this program by contributing it's noteworthy outdoor locations and billboards for this event. Clear Channel Outdoor, formally Eller Media Company, has built a strong outdoor presence in 46 markets across America including 9 of the top 10 US markets. The company's media coverage also includes displays in 260 shopping malls, 10 of the countries busiest major airports, and is the largest provider of signage in New York City's famed Times Square. Clear Channel Outdoor has recently celebrated it's 100th year of service in 2001 making it the oldest and largest provider of outdoor advertising in the United States.

MMT is sponsoring this event by contributing it's services for the production of the billboard graphics. A global company, Metromedia Technologies, is the world's largest producer of high quality computer painted images for outdoor advertising and other creative uses.

Manuel Morales' career has encompassed many facets of the art field from van murals* to book covers, editorial and advertising illustration as well as fine art paintings, original graphics and reproductions exhibited at galleries nationwide. He was one of a select group of artists commissioned to create artwork for the US Olympic Committee's Olympic Portfolio consisting of posters and limited edition prints to raise funds for TEAM USA.

* Manuel Morales was seen in a "This Bud's For You" Budweiser commercial from 1984-1985 airbrushing a flying Clydesdale onto a van.

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