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NY Giants Fans Concede
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(January 15, 2001): On December 30, 2000, the competition for the 3rd Tempt Destiny™ billboard came to a close. Based on the results of this experiment, the NY Giants are destined to go back to Tampa Bay without their Tempt Destiny™ billboard legacy. The fans of the St. Louis Rams (1st), Buffalo Bills (2nd), Denver Broncos (3rd), and Philadelphia Eagles (4th) have demonstrated that they wanted the Tempt Destiny™ billboard rights more than the NY Giants fans themselves which placed 5th in the competition for the 2000 NFL season. The Rams fans, who came from behind to overtake the Eagles fans (1st place) and the Giants fans (2nd place) in the final days of this event, have demonstrated what it takes to be #1.

Each time, the artwork of Olympic artist, Manuel Morales, has been featured on a billboard in support of the NY Giants Super Bowl quest (Super Bowl XXI and XXV), they went on to win the Super Bowl, a 2-for-2 record documented and licensed by the NFL as the "NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series". This legacy serves as the basis for the program at

Although there will not be a Tempt Destiny™ billboard for Super Bowl XXXV featuring the Rams, due to their playoff loss, the litmus test of whether fans of other NFL teams would be interested in the Tempt Destiny™ billboard legacy, as well as the integrity of this event, has been confirmed. During the 2000 NFL season, concerns regarding the artist's past support of the NY Giants cast doubt as to the fairness of this contest. The top 5 teams of the votes cast for the 2000 NFL season, speak for themselves.

Fans of the NFL are invited to commission this billboard by voting for their team and Tempt Destiny™ to repeat for a third time what was done only twice before in hopes of benefiting from the winning record extending to 3-for-3.

Legacy Revisited
With the NY Giants fans conceding their legacy for Super Bowl XXXV, could this mean that the NY Giants, who were lucky to win Super Bowl XXV (remember "wide right"), might not be as lucky to win Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa Bay, the birthplace of their billboard legacy? Or perhaps, "luck" may be the NY Giants four letter word after all.

Can destiny be tempted by having history repeat itself for a third time, and if so, for which NFL team? The answer is being decided at

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On January 30, 2008 the 3rd Tempt Destiny Billboard happened!

Clear Channel Outdoor is sponsoring this program by contributing it's noteworthy outdoor locations and billboards for this event. Clear Channel Outdoor, formally Eller Media Company, has built a strong outdoor presence in 46 markets across America including 9 of the top 10 US markets. The company's media coverage also includes displays in 260 shopping malls, 10 of the countries busiest major airports, and is the largest provider of signage in New York City's famed Times Square. Clear Channel Outdoor has recently celebrated it's 100th year of service in 2001 making it the oldest and largest provider of outdoor advertising in the United States.

Mammoth Media is sponsoring this event by contributing it's services for the production of the billboard graphics. A world class producer of high quality wide format printing for outdoor advertising, and other creative uses. The company's work can be seen throughout city streets on bus shelters, billboards on the highways, on signs used throughout supermarket chains, prints covering mall barricades, and even on automobiles that have been wrapped in eye-catching graphics.

Manuel Morales' career has encompassed many facets of the art field from van murals* to book covers, editorial and advertising illustration as well as fine art paintings, original graphics and reproductions exhibited at galleries nationwide. He was one of a select group of artists commissioned to create artwork for the US Olympic Committee's Olympic Portfolio consisting of posters and limited edition prints to raise funds for TEAM USA.

* Manuel Morales was seen in a "This Bud's For You" Budweiser commercial from 1984-1985 airbrushing a flying Clydesdale onto a van.

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