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Which Team Will Be On The Next Tempt Destiny Billboard?

Beginning with the 2013 football season, it will be up to teams themselves to commission the next Tempt Destiny billboard to see if the 3-for-3 billboard phenomenon can be extended for a team other than the NY Giants. More news to come...

2015 Condensed Matter Physics Convention

Due to the historical importance of the discovery of Einstein's nonlocal hidden variable, I have been invited to present my findings at the 2015 Condensed Matter Physics convention in Boston this upcoming June. More news to come...

The Science

International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences

Application of the Tempt Destiny findings published in a peer-reviewed fundamental physics journal:

Assumed Higgs Boson Discovery Proved Einstein Right



Tempt Destiny Initial Findings Presentation

Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System

I once asked a five year old child if she knew what an experiment was. She replied, "To test something".

I then asked her if she could do an experiment without first choosing to do so? She looked at me puzzled, and then replied with a sharp tone of sarcasm, "Of course not. What kind of stupid question is that?"

If find it surprising that even a five year old child realizes how illogical (or stupid as she stated) it would be to think otherwise. If one's logic is based on effects causing effects then one is blind to cause and effect. Perhaps this is what Albert Einstein meant by his assertion that "God does not play dice". Allow me to explain.

From 2000-2012 football fans voted online to support their team's SB bid. The findings from conducting this twelve year experiment uncovered Einstein's long sought after hidden variables. Turns out these variables were never hidden just simply ignored in the process. The process I speak of is our perception of nature which is bias by omission when we assume that existence causes existence without taking into account the role played by nonexistence. The acts of direct and indirect selection are what each and everyone of us does throughout our entire lives until we no longer can. As the unambiguous empirical evidence obtained by the Tempt Destiny experiment has shown, these predetermined mechanisms do not exist as an act until they do. This is how we get something (existence) from nothing (nonexistence).

Because these acts are fundamental to our existence, you do not need to be a scientist or conduct multibillion dollar experiments to understand them. Case in point, if the unambiguous empirical evidence from the Tempt Destiny experiment which show that energy and the two acts of selection are one and the same are invalid then anyone can easily contest the findings as follows:

Conduct an experiment without first making a selection. (five year old child figured this one out)

Make a calculation without first making a selection.

Continue your existence on this planet without making a selection.

Since no one can violate the laws that govern one's own existence, then perhaps the clarity of a five year old is needed in order for science to be about nature instead of our educated opinions about nature. Turns out the world is not flat after all... just our thinking.

This historic discovery which served to reveal that the recent and highly publicized multibillion dollar discovery of the Higgs boson (a.k.a. God particle) was based on bias by omission. In other words, speculation was used to discover a speculation which by scientific standards means that no discovery was made or can be made in this manner. The manuscript about the Higgs boson omission error was published in a peer-reviewed fundamental physics journal on December 24, 2012, prior to the October, 2013, Nobel Prize given for the Higgs boson discovery: "Assumed Higgs Boson Discovery Proved Einstein Right"

This begs the question, do our assumptions about nature supersede nature itself, and if not, where do we go from here?


American The General Science Journal
Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System

American Physical Society Tempt Destiny Presentation
The American Physical Society (world's largest organization of physicists), has accepted my research, as published in the General Science Journal, for presentation in their April meeting celebrating 100 Years of Sub-Atomic Physics. The PHYSICS OF PREDETERMINED EVENTS presentation for the Energy Research and Applications session took place on Saturday, April 30, 2011.


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