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Paradigm Shift In Science And In What We Think We Know

News of biomedical sciences

NEWS RELEASE - On March 23, 2016, a peer-reviewed article titled "Who Is Telling The Truth, Nature Or Man?" was published in the international science journal, News Of Biomedical Sciences (see link). In the article I revealed that the current methods used to conduct science are incomplete and therefore are fundamentally flawed. The omission error of not factoring which of the two necessary selection variables caused the effects observed in scientific experiments and in its theories was predicted by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago. The unambiguous empirical evidence obtained from conducting the twelve year Tempt Destiny experiment confirmed Einstein was correct about the notion of hidden variables. However he was incorrect as to where to find them (see illustrated details). Fortunately, it will be an easy fix for some fields of science to self-correct but unfortunately not so for others (see "Assumed Higgs" article). Turns out, the logic we use to perceive reality is in violation of temporal precedence and so everything that we think we know will need to be reevaluated to account for this oversight if we wish to advance from having knowledge of effects to having knowledge of both cause an its effects. As can be confirmed by all via the "Final Selection Thought Experiment", the findings are absolute thus all inclusive and not subject to opinions, including my own.

The publication of this article means that a fundamental problem has been peer-reviewed and formally recognized. What makes the publication of this article of historic value, besides its content, is that it demonstrates to the public that scientists have the integrity to act responsibly in accordance to their discipline's practice of acknowledging a new discovery that supersedes previous knowledge regardless of how inconvenient such a discovery may be. I applaud the editorial board and editorial council of the News Of Biomedical Sciences publication for their leadership and integrity.

Note, the articles featured in this publication are printed in Russian except for my article which is printed in English. I will soon create an html page so that a visitor can select his language of choice via Goggle translate.

The Breakthrough Prize has opened the public nomination period for its 2017 prizes in Fundamental Physics, Life Sciences and Mathematics. Nominations can be submitted online through May 31, 2016. If you feel my research warrants such recognition, I hope that you will take time to nominate me. Breakthrough Prize


Official AutoVote Domains Soon To Be Made Available To Own

Each time someone visited a team's autovote domain that person automatically placed a vote for that particular team (voting function disabled). I even needed to dedicate an entire chapter of the book to what football fans did with their team's Autovote home pages (see below) and how they were used during the playoffs to make things even more competitive.

NOTE: The 32 team named domains That were used for the Tempt Destiny experiment and billboard signage will soon be auctioned off. If interested in this event or outright purchase of all 32 domains, please feel free to Contact Me.



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