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SB XLV to Confirm Theory of Everything
Football Fans Partake In Online Experiment

MT. LAUREL, N.J., Feb. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Football fans participated in an online experiment in support of their team's bid to win SB XLV on February 6, 2011. Each time a Tempt Destiny (TD) billboard is created the team featured goes on to win the big game, a 4-for-4 track record. College professor Manuel Morales created an online medium through which fans choose which team will be on the next TD billboard he creates, and in the process, verify the theory of everything put forth by Albert Einstein's notion of hidden variables.

"If one understands that destiny is a predetermined event or series of events and that all events are fundamentally moments of energy, then it can be understood that destiny is the proverbial theory of everything," says Morales. "A popular misconception about destiny is that predetermined events are assumed to be certain. However, evidence shows us that this is not the case."

With the help of thousands of football fans participating in this study since 2000, Manuel Morales has compiled evidence that the hidden variables Einstein pursued in the final thirty years of his life, consists of direct and indirect selection which gives us predetermined states of certainty and probability of physical properties and events. In his research paper recently published by the General Science Journal, a publisher of papers on theoretical and applied physics, Morales defines this fundamental interaction of nature as choice-chance mechanics (see

Saints Tempt Destiny billboard

As of January 23, 2011, the competition for the 2010 season concluded with an indirect choice - SB bound team with the most votes - going to Pittsburgh in support of their SB XLV bid. On January 26, 2011, the Pittsburgh TD billboard with the slogan, "Go Steelers!", went on display on Lamar Outdoor's digital billboard located at 501 Fontella Street, Pittsburgh, PA.

The TD experiment seeks to demonstrate that when a direct choice takes place, the outcome is certain, and when an indirect choice takes place, the outcome is probable. Should Pittsburgh win the SB (cause), the unfinished artwork can then be completed by painting the football silver to commemorate the trophy won (effect). This cause and effect tradition is how these billboards came to be called, Tempt Destiny billboards. Come February 6, 2011, the probable completion of the artwork will be established.

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