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Experiment Finds COVID-19 Origin Code

I started my career in science as an illustrator creating artwork in support of the NY Giants Super Bowl quest. This venture lead to conducting a twelve-year No-Go experiment to empirically confirm or invalidate the theory of predetermine effects of existence metaphysically known as destiny or in physical terms, the theory of everything (ToE). The unambiguous empirical evidence has confirmed that the natural world (universe) is not a theory and since your existence is govern by these predetermined universal laws, your existence also confirms my findings. Allow me to explain.

At the March 2020 American Physical Society meeting (see Power Point presentation), I presented a simple test for everyone to be able to confirm for themselves if the predetermined universal laws my findings are based on are valid or not via the Final Selection Experiment. If you can conduct this experiment in real life (not recommended) and continue your existence then my findings are trivial at best thus not reflective of how nature works and subsequently not relevant to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Historically, only one highly infectious deadly disease that has affected human beings worldwide has been eradicated. As such, it took approximately 200 years for small pox to be declared eradicated. In order to understand why science has had such a dismal track record in this regard, we can simply use our own existence in order to understand how nature works via the Final Selection Experiment and compare the results with how the intellectual systematic study of the natural world, i.e., science, is conducted to see if they match.

The Final Selection Experiment is as follows:

You wake up one morning and find yourself completely paralyzed. This means you cannot directly select to talk, eat food, drink fluids, go to the bathroom, etc. Nor can anyone else indirectly select for you.

The test is: Can you continue your physical existence without the first-order functions of selection?

The answer is self-evident.

Since this experiment is based on how the natural world works and not on theory, your own physical existence can confirm in real life that the acts of selection, commonly assumed to be about free will, are much more than something your brain does as a matter of choice. What your existence has confirmed is that without the two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive functions of motion, direct and indirect selection, you could not come to exist (sperm selecting and egg) much less continue your existence. These same predetermined origin laws also apply to the existence of highly infectious deadly pathogens such as the Coronavirus. What this all means is that existence, either physical or spiritual, does not create existence:

Motion creates existence.

KPI - Origin Code

Origin Code Found In Fortune 50 Company Annual Data

However, the logic science uses to investigate nature dictates that existence creates motion as exemplified by the words "interaction" and "binding" which is used to describe how effects of existence cause motion in-between (interaction) or onto (binding) other effects of existence. In other words, science is the practice of how effects are causal which your existence has proven via the Final Selection Experiment is not how nature works (see "WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH, NATURE OR MAN?").

A classic example of such logic is Albert Einstein's famous equation E = mc2 whereas the existence of the effect known as energy E is equivalent = to the existence of the effect known as mass m times the effect of the speed of light squared c2 and vice versa. Therefore, effects of existence (mass-light / energy) are self equivalent = (self-causal) and so energy is assumed to be conserved not created. This logic is a paradox of the first-order in that effect precedes cause. Ask yourself this; how can a first-order function (cause) be second to its effects?

As your existence has confirmed via the Final Selection Experiment and as the 200 year small pox eradication track record illustrates, this First-order Paradox is not how nature works. Surely we can do better than this!

With this understanding, I realized that the key to promptly obtain a vaccine and or medical treatment to address the COVID-19 pandemic would be to research its binding and interaction functions (exhibited below) as two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive functions of motion not as untold multitudes of effects of existence thought to cause motion. Note, when we place the first-order functions of direct and indirect selection as second-order functions, e.g., binding / interaction, we then hide the origin functions of motion as an effect of existence thereby canceling out knowledge of which origin function caused which effect which inherently leads to false-positive conclusions and since there are two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive first-order functions, false-negative conclusions are also unavoidable. This First-order Paradox phenomenon was empirically confirmed in the twelve-year no-go experiment conducted at and published in the international science journal, News Of Biomedical Sciences. As the Final Selection Experiment has confirmed there are only two first-order functions of motion that cause effects of existence. Eliminate one of the two mutually exclusive first-order functions of motion (direct and indirect selection) from the virus and it will be eradicated. By advancing science to be a study of the first-order laws of motion instead of being a study of its effects, then and only then, will science be a complete intellectual systematic study of the natural world.

I regret to say that I do not have the funding or access to the infrastructure required to conduct such research. Nonetheless, I hope that by shinning a light on nature’s origin mechanisms that created the COVID-19 virus to begin with that those who do have such capabilities will take it from here.

# # # # #


NEWS: Unambiguous empirical evidence from the twelve-year no-go experiment conducted at has confirmed everything that exists carries with it a hidden algorithm of its origin which is universal and absolute. With this knowledge I applied the proven algorithm to the Wuhan Interaction Protein Binding Sites data and found an exact match in one of the numerous data sets. By identifying an exact data set of interest for researchers to focus on, it is hoped that this will aid towards prompt development in a cure and or vaccine for the COVID-19 virus pandemic.


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No-Go Experiment Confirms Superdeterminism Loophole (U70.00001)
Presented at APS March Meeting 2020 on March 5, 2020 (updated 3-31-2020)

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the American Physical Society (APS) 2020 March Meeting in Denver Colorado, was canceled. However, the abstract and the Power Point presentation slides of this discovery are available at the APS website.


Morales No-Go Experiment - How Art & Football Helped Find Einstein's (nonlocal) Hidden Variables

something from nothing

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Manuel Morales. I have created artwork for the US Olympic Committee, magazines, book covers, advertisements, private commissions, and most notably in support of the NY Giants SB XXI and SB XXV quests. Each time I did this they went on to win, a 2-for-2 record. This history was documented and licensed by the NFL as the NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series (see link). Nearly a decade later, the artwork served as a catalyst to conduct an online experiment which began in 2000 and ended in 2012. The objective of this experiment at was to see if football fans and I could "tempt destiny" to repeat what was done twice before and in the process confirm if destiny, otherwise known as determinism or superdeterminism, can be empirically confirmed.

On February 3, 2008, the no-go experiment at had obtained unambiguous empirical evidence that the logic used to practice science is incomplete (see APS presentation for details). In other words, existence is not causal of motion, motion causes existence. In physical terms, this means that energy is created and thus not conserved as currently understood. This also means that Albert Einstein was correct about quantum mechanics not being a fundamental theory due to hidden variables at play. However, he was incorrect as to where to find them.

"Surely, someday, we can believe, we will grasp the central idea of it all as so simple, so beautiful, so compelling that we will all say to each other, 'Oh, how could it have been otherwise! How could we all have been so blind for so long!' - John A Wheeler


Theoretical physicists John S. Bell once predicted, "The only alternative to quantum probabilities, superpositions of states, collapse of the wave function, and spooky action at a distance, is that everything is superdetermined. For me it is a dilemma. I think it is a deep dilemma, and the resolution of it will not be trivial; it will require a substantial change in the way we look at things."

Please be sure to visit the "Science" page for more information regarding my research.

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© 2000-2020 Manuel Morales

BTW - Did you see me on this "This Bud's For You" Budweiser commercial from 1984-1985 airbrushing a flying Clydesdale onto a van (back in the days of Manny's Murals). Who would have thought that creating art would have led to this?

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