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The End Of The World As We Know It

On February 3, 2008, the No-Go experiment conducted here at had obtained unambiguous empirical evidence that what we thought we knew, effects of existence cause effects of existence, was incorrect. In other words, our very own existence proves that the existence of something, either spiritual or physical, cannot cause effects of existence.

In September, 2019, at two physics conventions in Paris, France, (see links below) I presented how my findings apply to quantum mechanics, physics, and to all fields of science in general. Since the findings are universal and absolute, everyone can confirm for themselves without any scientific background, via the Final Selection Experiment, if their existence is God given or if physical theories based on the conservation of energy are provable false statements of fact. The results will challenge your willingness to change your thinking of what you thought you knew.

"Morales No-Go Experiment"

Paris Physics Conference #1Paris Physics Convention #2

At two physics conventions in Paris, France, (September - 2019 see links above) I presented how my findings apply to quantum mechanics, physics, and to all fields of science in general. Since the findings are universal and absolute, everyone can confirm for themselves, without any scientific background, if their existence is God given or if physical theories based on the conservation of energy, e.g., the Higgs boson or E = mc2, are provable false statements of fact.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Manuel Morales. I have created artwork for the US Olympic Committee, magazines, book covers, advertisements, private commissions, and most notably in support of the NY Giants SB XXI and SB XXV quests. Each time I did this they went on to win, a 2-for-2 record. This history was documented and licensed by the NFL as the NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series (see link). Nearly a decade later, the artwork served as a catalyst to conduct an online experiment which began in 2000 and ended in 2012. The objective of this experiment at was to see if football fans and I could "tempt destiny" to repeat what was done twice before and in the process confirm if destiny was true or not. If destiny is true then we all can confirm it for ourselves (see Final Selection Experiment below).

The Science

Scale of the Universe
scale of the universe
Figure by Eric Fisk,
CC BY-SA 3.0 license

In order to understand the findings of the Tempt Destiny experiment, it is necessary to understand - "How do we know what we think we know?"

In science, we use the effects of the existence of scale (being) as the cause of the existence of the effects of scale to gain knowledge of the natural world. See - "Scale of the Universe" image.

In religion, we use the effects of the existence of a deity or deities (being) as the cause of the existence of the effects we call the universe.

In essence, both paradigms use the logic that existence, either physical or spiritual, begets existence, i.e., effects of existence cause the existence of effects. This logic restricts us to think that effects of existence are self-causal, thus conserved, by placing cause second to effect. The fundamental precedence error in the logic we use to perceive reality violates the very principle of causality – cause preceding effect. Second-cause logic says nothing about how effects of existence came to be by placing the "cart before the horse". Such logic perverts the origin function of motion (cause) to the secondary function of existence (effect). Case in point, in science it is believed that the existence of an elementary particle (Higgs boson, aka the "God Particle") caused the existence of the universe. In religion, it is believed that the existence of a spiritual being or beings caused the existence of the universe and its effects. However, unambiguous empirical evidence obtained by conducting the twelve year Tempt Destiny Experiment has shown that there are two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive mechanical functions that are the origin of the effects of existence that follow. The mechanisms I am referring to are direct and indirect acts-of-motion that are paired with the potential to come-to-exist as a selection (see basketball illustration examples). These two attraction functions, direct and indirect acts paired with its potential to come-to-exist, causes the existence of the effects of direct and indirect selection. Since these mechanisms are predetermined, universal, and absolute, everyone can indirectly challenge the empirical evidence as a thought experiment or directly challenge the empirical evidence by conducting the experiment in real life as follows:

TEST IF ENERGY IS CONSERVED - If the two acts of selection are the effects of our physical existence, e.g., cognition or energy, then anyone can safely conduct the thought experiment in real life and continue their energy conserved cognitive existence. If the two acts of selection are the cause of our physical existence, then no one can conduct the thought experiment in real life and continue to live.

TEST IF GOD IS OR IS NOT A PROVABLE FALSE ATATEMENT OF FACT - If there is a God (supreme being or deities) then the two acts of selection cannot govern our existence which means that everyone can conduct the thought experiment in real life and continue their God given existence. If no one can continue their existence without the two acts of selection, then a God or deities did not give rise to, or subsequently govern, our existence. This means that God theories are false statements of fact since a supreme being or deities cannot be inferior to anything else in order to be a God.

Final Selection Experiment:

Let's say that one morning upon awakening you find yourself completely paralyzed absent of the ability to select. This means you cannot choose to move your body whatsoever. You cannot choose to take in any fluids. You cannot choose to take in any nourishment. You cannot choose to relieve yourself, et cetera. Nor can you have others indirectly choose for you. The outcome is absolute. The predetermined effect of a physical system to no longer have the capacity to make a direct selection is certain death.

As can be confirmed by all via the thought experiment, the acts of selection are not effects of cognition or effects of physical or spiritual origin. Direct and indirect acts of motion cause the effects of direct and indirect selection. In scientific terms, when you take away the two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive attraction functions of selection – the physical effect we call gravity, you then take away its subsequent effect known as energy and therefore you die. In physical terms, your existence provides unambiguous empirical evidence that the effects of the weak and strong electromagnetic forces of energy are the effects of the two strong and weak forces of gravity which are the effects of motion. What has been confirmed is that the two acts of motion creates the effects of selection which are fundamental universal laws necessary for the existence of the physical universe and everything in it. This is why we have the ability to choose because we do not have the freedom not to choose in order to exist.Tempt Destiny Results

The findings reveal that existence, being either physical or spiritual, is not the origin of existence. The unequivocal empirical evidence confirms that the predetermined attraction functions of direct selection and indirect selection are not philosophical theories or trivial functions of our physical existence. This also means that spiritual or physical God theories are not based on reality. They are a fabrication of a false perception of reality which everyone, without exception, can confirm for themselves via the Final Selection Experiment in real life. By having knowledge of our origin, mankind can advance its study of the natural world by having the logic and systematic methods used to study nature be in alignment with how nature works and perhaps advance us as a species by being able to distinguish myth from reality.

Unambiguous empirical evidence has confirmed:

  • When, and only when, an act (e.g., fans voting either directly or indirectly in support of their team's SB quest) simultaneously pairs with its potential existence function (e.g., team with the most votes going to the SB) can the effect of a selection come-to-exist;
  • This means that the mechanics of a direct or indirect selection are predetermined, not preexisting, in order for the effects of selection to come-to-exist;
  • Empirical evidence of two mutually exclusive domains, one domain consisting of motion 'preceding' a domain consisting of its effects (e.g., objects in motion), establishes absolute temporal precedence thereby invalidating the law of conservation of energy;
  • In physical terms, energy E is the effect of gravity G2 which are the effects of motion, thus the effectual equation of E = G2 representing the unified effects of the forces of motion (see "Spin States of Selection" for details);
  • Therefore, motion begets the effects of selection/gravity, gravity begets energy – energy begets mass – mass begets the universe. This predetermined order is how nature obtains something (effects of existence) from nothing (motion - the effects of which can 'only' come-to-exist).

"Surely, someday, we can believe, we will grasp the central idea of it all as so simple, so beautiful, so compelling that we will all say to each other, 'Oh, how could it have been otherwise! How could we all have been so blind for so long!' - John A Wheeler

"Either God theories are a lie or mankind's existence is a lie. We cannot have it both ways if truth be told." - Manuel S Morales



ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the findings obtained from the Tempt Destiny experiment, I was invited to be a speaker at a Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics conference in New York City (see link to the "Theoretical Physics" section) on October 19, 2017. In the presentation, I showed how the two acts of selection relates to the origin of DNA's double helix structure and suggest how we can use this new insight to advance science. (more news to come)

Meanwhile, this presentation has led to a publisher approaching me to write a book about my research. The challenge for me is to relate my findings to both laymen and scientists alike as I hope I have accomplished hear on this page.


selectors of destiny

So how did this all come about you may wonder? I have been writing a book (see book summary) about what took place, how I was able to make sense of the unambiguous empirical evidence, its implications, its applications, and where do we go from here. The following chapter summaries lightly touch upon what is being covered in the book without giving away the spicy stuff. If you would like to be notified of how to get a copy of the book when it becomes available please send an Email Notification Request

Theoretical physicists John S. Bell once predicted, "The only alternative to quantum probabilities, superpositions of states, collapse of the wave function, and spooky action at a distance, is that everything is superdetermined. For me it is a dilemma. I think it is a deep dilemma, and the resolution of it will not be trivial; it will require a substantial change in the way we look at things."

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© 2000-2019 Manuel Morales


BTW - Did you see me on this "This Bud's For You" Budweiser commercial from 1984-1985 airbrushing a flying Clydesdale onto a van (back in the days of Manny's Murals). Who would have thought that creating art would have led to this?

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