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How Students And The General Public Can Confirm If Quantum Mechanics Is A Fundamental Theory Without Opening A Book
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NOTE: The first participant in each of the five categories mentioned to send in their research (minimum of 25 directory/journal
searches) earns an official NFL NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series LE Print ($1200 value).

The unambiguous empirical evidence obtained from conducting the twelve year Tempt Destiny experiment has revealed that the scientific method is flawed due to the discovery of Einstein's nonlocal hidden variables, i.e., the acts of selection. Students and the general public are invited to help confirm if the scientific method needs an overhaul and by doing so have a chance to win one of five NFL licensed limited edition print sets ($1200 value) of the historic artwork that is serving to change how science is done. All that is required is to conduct a simple keyword phrase search, no books or science courses necessary (see link).

When I use the term first cause, I literally mean cause preceding effect. For example, in order to conduct any and all experiments a selection must first be made (cause) which in turn gives us observable effects, i.e., cause and effect. You would think this would be obvious and something that would naturally be included as a part of the scientific method. You would think...


International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences

Application of the Tempt Destiny findings published in a peer-reviewed fundamental physics journal:

Assumed Higgs Boson Discovery Proved Einstein Right


The above basketball examples (click on image for larger view) serve to illustrate the findings of the Tempt Destiny experiment and the mechanics involved. The first top and bottom images on the left show that a selection is a dichotomy consisting of two parts which means that it cannot preexist. It can only come to exist. This is what makes the acts of selection nonlocal and thus hidden. The next top and bottom images (CAUSE) show that there are only two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive causal variables in Nature. The next top and bottom images (EFFECT) show their corresponding effects. In the final basketball image you have an effect without knowledge of cause. Can you guess which variable caused the effect and if you guess correctly how would you know? Imagine watching a basketball game and only seeing when the ball came out of the hoop. That's what the scientific method is missing, knowledge of which variables caused the effects observed in its experiments (see "Assumed Higgs" link). In science, any experiment that is based on omitted-variable bias, like not factoring both selection variables necessary to conduct any and all experiments, can only obtain false-positive data which makes for erroneous conclusions. Currently, the scientific method uses prediction as a substitute for the ignorance of first cause, i.e., direct and indirect selection, without which there would be no experiment and of course, no science. If we only focus on the predicted effects without knowledge of how they were caused we are left to assume. So what assumptions were made with the medication you are taking or have taken in the past? Surely we can do, and should do, better than this.

How Does The Tempt Destiny Experiment Relate To Quantum Mechanics?
Quantum mechanics describes the behavior of the microscopic domain consisting of elementary particles that serves as the building blocks of the macroscopic domain we all live in. The logic here is that the existence of the small (microscopic domain) creates the existence of the large (macroscopic domain) and so mechanically speaking we assume that existence of an effect causes the existence of an effect, i.e., effect causing effect not cause and effect. By placing cause second to effect we are using what I call second cause logic to perceive reality effectually which in turn blinds us from perceiving reality as being causal. Nonetheless, if quantum mechanics is indeed a fundamental theory, as commonly assumed by its practitioners, then it should also include how quantum mechanical behavior comes into existence. This is where the existence of the Higgs boson comes into the scene. It is theorized that the Higgs boson is the elementary particle that gives rise (cause) to the universe (effect), a.k.a., the God particle.

Tempt Destiny Results

As illustrated in the basketball examples, the acts of selection do not nor cannot physically exist. They can only come into existence, and so, can never be existent in order to cause the effects that follow. So if quantum mechanics is indeed a fundamental theory then we should be able to find mention of direct and indirect selection in the (scientific) methods used to discover the Higgs boson. When I applied the Tempt Destiny findings to particle physics in my peer-reviewed paper entitled "Assumed Higgs Boson Discovery Proved Einstein Right", it was confirmed that quantum mechanics is not a fundamental theory and that the Higgs boson "discovery" was based on an omission error (see Tempt Destiny Experiment Results). So in keeping with transparency, I have invited the public to confirm for themselves if the Higgs boson discovery was based on omitted-variable bias or not by doing a quick and simple keyword search of the two documents that provided the evidence for the discovery (see link).

Over the past century quantum mechanics has been considered an extremely successful theory because it was able to predict new phenomenon (Higgs boson) and account for existing observations with remarkable accuracy by using, as it turns out, false-positive data. In business terms this is called cooking the books. The saving grace here is that science is an art which allows for getting it wrong in order to get it right. Discovery is the true beauty of science which allows for self-correction.

Science Self-correction?
A Nobel Laureate recently told me in regards to inviting the public to help science correct itself, "@ Manuel: not the public self-corrects science, science itself does." Of course he is right, it is indeed the responsibility of scientist to correct themselves when a new discovery has been made that supersedes prior knowledge. Unfortunately, I have found this not to be the case. As with the assumed Higgs boson discovery back in 2013, yet another Nobel Prize for physics was given for a discovery based on omitted-variable bias (ignorance of first cause) even though I informed both CERN and the Nobel Committee of my findings, so much for self-correction. All the more reason why your research is important by helping to show scientists what they are missing. This historic research will serve to help advance science by having the public confirm for themselves if the variables that are necessary to conduct science have or have not been accounted for. So when public funding is sought for scientific research, scientists should now be expected to show how they have self-corrected their methods by accounting for the two selection variables necessary to conduct their experiments. With the aid of public awareness, I have the naive hope that science might actually be motivated to self-correct, and thus, advance science for the benefit of us all.

Teachers are invited to make this "Search For First Cause" a classroom assignment so that we can all learn from each other. I also would like to extend this invite out to college students and their professors. I look forward to receiving your research. Please email the results of your research to: admin @ (delete the spaces before and after the @ symbol)

Search Examples:

Cornell University Library - provides stewardship for arXiv which is an open-access service for scientists in physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, etc. — to share research before it’s formally published. Over a million papers have now been uploaded to the repository. If you searched for "direct selection" "indirect selection" keywords, as of 11-20-15 the following search hits were obtained:

  • 1 hit “direct selection” and “indirect selection” - (1,000,000+ documents)
  • 0 hit “direct selection experiment” and “indirect selection experiment” -

However, if you searched the Cornell University Library for both both "direct selection, indirect selection" keywords. You will obtain 18 hits. Unfortunately, you will need a NetID from Cornell to access these documents to see if the search terms applies to experiments. - As of 11-02-15, of the millions of research documents at there are 284 documents (other than my own documents) that have included the keywords "direct selection" "indirect selection". So we might have research that is inclusive of both origin variables which means that if used to correlate the cause of the effects observed in an experiment then their empirical evidence is not based on omitted-variable bias and thus are valid findings. Unfortunately, when I contacted the authors of these documents about my keyword findings none to date have confirmed that they used direct and indirect selection in actual experiments.

  • 284 hits for both "direct selection" "indirect selection" -
  • 0 hits for both "direct selection experiment" "indirect selection experiment"

As this preliminary search has demonstrated, we now have a way for everyone, regardless of educational background, to know if scientific research is based on knowledge of both cause and its effects (causal science) or if it is based on assumptions of effects causing effects (effectual science). In this way, we can have transparent science that is accessible and accountable to all.

Prof. Vladimir A. Kulchitsky, Research Director of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Institute of Physiology recently informed me (November 23, 2015) of his new hypothesis in the field of neural communication influenced by my research. The one page document consisting of basketball illustrations of how the Tempt Destiny experiment discovered Einstein's nonlocal hidden variables served to inspire Prof. Kulchitsky new hypothesis. This marks the beginning of the advancement of science from a study of Nature's effects (Effectual Science) to a study of the causes and effects of Nature (Causal Science).

RG email


Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

How To Contest The Results Of The Tempt Destiny Experiment

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" was a phrase made popular by Carl Sagen. This means that if the unambiguous empirical evidence which shows that Nature is indeed absolutely deterministic, then evidence of such a claim needs to also be absolute, and if absolute, be testable by all. To test if the acts of selection are indeed fundamental laws of Nature and not merely cognitive acts, we can contest the findings in real life as follows:

Ho - If the two acts of selection are not necessary for your existence then you can safely conduct the Final Selection Thought Experiment in real life and continue your existence.

Ha - If the two acts of selection are necessary for your existence then you cannot conduct the Final Selection Thought Experiment in real life in order to continue your existence.

Final Selection Thought Experiment:

Let's say that one morning upon awakening you find yourself in a world that is absent of the ability to choose, e.g., completely paralyzed from the neck down. This means you cannot choose to move your body whatsoever. You cannot choose to take in any fluids. You cannot choose to take in any nourishment. You cannot choose to relieve yourself, et cetera. Nor can you have others indirectly choose for you. The outcome is absolute. The effect of a physical system to no longer have the capacity to make direct selections is certain death.

The assumption that selection is some sort of option, a freedom of will, is unsubstantiated by the fact that this predetermined mechanism we call choice is how energy works which is a fundamental necessity, not a metaphysical or cognitive option, of our physical existence. In other words, when the origin variables of selection come to exist, energy exists, for they are one and the same. As the thought experiment illustrates, we have the ability to choose because we do not have the option to not choose in order to exist.

NOTE: The Final Selection Thought Experiment was designed for those with the capacity to think it through to its logical conclusion (Ha) and for those who lack such capacity (Ho), to conduct in real life (not recommended).




Tempt Destiny Initial Findings Presentation

Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System

Evidence Shows Free Will Is An Illusion

If this is your first visit to, you are probably wondering what does football, artwork, and the big game have to do with science, free will, and destiny? Allow me to explain.

This all began innocently enough when I created artwork to support the NY Giants Super Bowl quest for SB XXI and SB XXV. The paintings reproduce on these billboards were incomplete so that if the team went on to win the SB I would then complete the artwork by painting the football silver to reflect the trophy won. The completed artwork was then reproduced as the NFL licensed NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series limited edition prints (see link). As history shows, each time this cause and effect event took place the NY Giants went on to win the SB, a 2-for-2 track record. The stage was now set to see if this 2-for-2 track record was about luck or was it destiny, i.e., predetermined event or series of events or what physicists call superdeterminism.

News 12 video aired on February 2, 2008:

general science journal

By repeating what had been done before I had the model for my experiment. Unlike the scientific method of predicting effects (guess) to validate a theory or hypothesis (another guess) in order to establish cause, the Tempt Destiny experimental model establishes cause first in order to correctly and without ambiguity align cause with its effects. From 2000-2012 football fans voted 24/7 online each year to have their team on the next Tempt Destiny billboard in support of their team's SB bid. The team with the most votes would determine the team selected – ACT. However, the team selected also needed to compete in the SB in order for the selection to come into existence – POTENTIAL. As illustrated above in the first top and bottom basketball images on the left, a selection is a dichotomy consisting of two parts so when an act simultaneously pairs with its potential, then and only then, do you have a selection event as exhibited in the next (top and bottom - CAUSE) basketball examples above. In other words, the act of selection determines existence and thus the cause of the effects that follow. If you stop to think about it, Nature does not allow you to select what cannot be chosen and you cannot cause something to happen until a selection has been made.

Evidence shows, how an act becomes and act is predetermined. What is not predetermined is the existence of the act itself.

Tempt Destiny Results

Einstein Was Correct ... Almost: (The discovery of Einstein's nonlocal hidden variables shows quantum mechanics Is not a fundamental theory.)

As the unambiguous empirical evidence has shown (see TD Experiment Results), the initial conditions of a selection, i.e., pairing an act directly with one potential (one SB team) or pairing an act indirectly with more-than-one potential (one of the two SB teams), do not preexist. They can only come to exist and for that to happen their construct needs to be predetermined as innate mechanisms of what we call Nature. This means that the two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive acts of selection are nonlocal hidden variables such that these variables cannot exist locally as observable or measurable physical states. As the evidence has shown, Albert Einstein was correct about the notion of hidden variables that would provide a more complete description of reality. However, he was incorrect as to where to find them.

BTW - Did you see me on this "This Bud's For You" Budweiser commercial from 1984-1985 airbrushing a flying Clydesdale onto a van (back in the days of Manny's Murals). Who would have thought that creating art would have led to this?


The Science

The Theory of Everything Is Not A TheoryEnergy equals gravity squared

The Theory of Everything is a theory that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle. Since there has never been or ever will be an experiment conducted without a selection first being made, we can predict the outcome (determined or undetermined states) of any experiment that could be carried out in principle with absolute precision. When we apply this newfound knowledge of energy consisting of two mutually exclusive causal functions as exhibited in the "Spin States of Selection" article, we can then unify the states of spin, once thought to be exclusive to quantum mechanics, with the mechanical functions of direct and indirect selection in their proper order. In doing so, we find that the pairing characteristics of the two causal acts of selection correspond with the pairing characteristics (attraction) of gravity which in turn causes the effects of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces. Thus, direct selection gives us the strong electromagnetic gravitational force and indirect selection gives us the weak electromagnetic gravitational force, which reconciles gravity with the laws of quantum physics to produce a complete and self-consistent theory of quantum gravity, i.e., the theory of everything, as one super-deterministic force — E = G2.

As theoretical physicists John S. Bell once predicted, "The only alternative to quantum probabilities, superpositions of states, collapse of the wave function, and spooky action at a distance, is that everything is superdetermined. For me it is a dilemma. I think it is a deep dilemma, and the resolution of it will not be trivial; it will require a substantial change in the way we look at things."

Perhaps it is time we look at things via First Cause - cause and effect, instead of Second Cause - effects causing effects in order to better understand our existence. With knowledge of what is first cause, the things that we thought we knew and the theories and ideologies based on second cause are now questionable. Obviously, I can only briefly touch upon the implications of the discovery of Einstein's hidden variables here for this topic would require a book(s) to try to attempt to encompass the ramifications of this knowledge. In the meantime, thank you for allowing me to share this discovery with you.

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